The Borders of the Global Village

Mar 7, 2015

The world has watched the Arab Spring unfold, watched social networks and the ways in which they are censored in China and Iran. But what about regions that fall under the international media's gaze less often, where the Internet is still in its infancy? What role do technological development, a society's self-image and its level of education play in the spread of the Internet?

Author and DW journalist Cyrus Farivar offers food for thought in his book, "The Internet of Elsewhere." He writes, "When the Internet arrives, it bumps up against various preexisting political, economic, social and cultural histories and contexts - and often what comes out are rather surprising results." That's the backdrop for a discussion by the expert and BOBs juror Shahidul Alam the chairman of Majority World, who explores complex intersections between the Internet and society by looking at the example of Bangladesh.

Watch the discussion on The Borders of the Global Village.

The Borders of the Global Village

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