We dare


Besides striving to propagate Islam in a questionable bloody manner, another thrust of the philosophy of Boko Haram is condemnation of Western education. Many students, for embracing Western education, were slaughtered and several others abducted by members of Boko Haram, in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Over a million school children and their family members were displaced within and outside Nigeria due to insurgency. Many of the displaced people were not accommodated within the Nigerian government camps. Some of the non-accommodated displaced persons claimed to have seen some agents of Boko Haram sheltering as displaced persons in some of the government camps. In February 2015, UNICEF reports that 804,732 displaced people live outside government camps among host communities, compared with only 101,572 displaced persons who live in government camps, where sub-standard educational programmes are formally available.

Many displaced children have had their formal education disrupted for one, two, or three years, by activities of insurgency in northeastern Nigeria. There have been various local and international struggles towards helping displaced children continue education. Boko Hazards: We Dare! is a photo narration on some of the efforts of displaced persons living outside government camps towards educating their children, amidst insecurities and other challenges around their vicinity.

Strory & Images by Immanuel Afolabi
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