“An impossible story which has the merit of being true” (Paolo Mauri).

The Mediterranean has always been a sea that, rather than dividing people, has brought them closer. It has been a bridge between nations of different religions, cultures and languages, inviting – and sometimes forcing – them to interact, for better or worse but always, at the end, getting them to know each other.

The stage of thousands of years of history, which, in an era in which the South of the World is becoming more and more fluid, changing and itself cause of changes, opens up to a future marked by quick and deep transformations.

Pictures which try to tell, with a style far from most current ones, the multicultural heart of a such a special area. Images which are all together necessary, like the single tiles of a mosaic, to the total composition; images which capture the essence, the soul free from divisions stemming from political, ethnical and religious categorizations which links, like an invisible underground web, the Mediterranean People.

Story & Images by Giacomo Palermo