A Struggle for Democracy

This work was started on 10 November 1987 Dhaka Siege Day. The people had united in a stand to overthrow the autocratic regime of General Ershad. A young worker, Nur Hossain, led one of the rallies. He had painted on his chest Let Democracy Live. He was the first of man who were killed by the police in the movement. The sequence of events, over the backdrop of the everyday lives of people, is documented. The floods, opulent weddings, mourners at the martyr’s memorial, military oppression on tribal groups in the hill tracts, rejoicing at Ershad’s departure, and the election.

The second phase of this work includes events after the elections. The devastating cyclone on the 29 April 1991, and the reconstruction is the first part. The second part looks at attempts by the government to reinstate people who have committed crimes against the people for political expediency, the government’s control of the media, corruption in the public sector and a series of interviews of politicians (including that of General Ershad), activists and others, as well as civil rights issues (Dhaka jail, Chittagong Hill Tract, Rohingya refugees) and a look to the future.

Story and images by Shahidul Alam
Price - GBP 250