Hollow souls

"Hollow Souls” is a photo story that strictly employs portraits to tell different narratives of various victims of insurgency. Victims, as narrators of their own stories, talks about sorrow left behind by members of Boko Haram in lives of children, men and mostly women, many of whom lost some of their loved ones to insurgency.

As a result of countless surprised attacks by members of Boko Haram, millions of lives are being psychologically tormented. In different locations in northeastern Nigeria, many Nigerians are still being displaced from their ancestral homes—in spite of efforts by the Nigerian government to resettle displaced persons. Insurgency in northeastern Nigeria is spread by a religious group, known as Boko Haram. Some victims interviewed confessed to seeing in government IDP camps some members of Boko Haram, whom attacked the IDPs in theirancestral homes. As a result of this claim, the victims keep away from government IDP camps.

It hurts to see some of the victims try hard to smile at the beginning of their narratives only to end up in tears before the conclusion of their stories. Most of these victims seek justice against members of Boko Haram, contrary to amnesty granted to some claimed repentant members of the religious extremist group.

Story & images by Immanuel Afolabi
Price - GBP 250